Whether your systems are based on proprietary or open technologies, Techno Center Libraries is your partner to offer you all the services and advice you need to:
• ensure the sustainability, reliability, security and availability of your information systems
• accompany your human resources – users and technicians – in the control of IT tools.

Based on the principle of collaboration, TC2L now has many renowned partners, forming the largest platform in the country for advisory services, training, integration and assistance dedicated to supporting companies And public organizations towards free software.
Cooperate to be more audacious!

The main purpose of the Techno Center Informatiques Libres (TC2L) is to gather all the human and material resources necessary to accomplish the most daring projects. The Techno Center Informatiques Libres (TC2L) offers Ontario businesses and public institutions the first one-stop shop for services, free software and equipment that meet all the needs related to information technologies.23

Our Techno Center free software can help you with technical assistance, network specialties, and competence in web development. To know more, contact us now!